La Familia Welcomes You Signage Hanging On Wall

Project Overview

La Familia Counseling Center reached out to Uptown Studios wanting to collaborate on the creation of their building wayfinding signage. With several entrances to the building and only one small sign at the front entrance, their clients needed a little more signage help. So, the Uptown Studios Design Team set out to create wayfinding signage that would help La Familia clients find their way while also allowing La Familia to accommodate higher foot traffic and multiple parking structure entrances at all times.


La Familia Counseling Center, Inc. (La Familia) provides multicultural counseling, outreach, and support services to low income, at-risk youth and families in Sacramento County. For more than 40 years, La Familia has successfully operated programs that have been recognized on the local, state, and national levels. All of La Familia’s services are free and bilingual staff members are available to meet the needs of our diverse community. A long-time client of Uptown Studios.


To begin the process of designing wayfinding signs, the Uptown Studios Design Team had to first walk the property themselves as if they were a visitor of La Familia. In doing this, they identified all of the places where visitors were most likely to need direction when looking for different areas within the building. Then, they identified additional popular areas as well as the general movement of people throughout the building. Working together with their contact at La Familia, the Uptown Studios Design Team took initial measurements and got into contact with the group that would be printing the signs. With all preparations underway, it was off to design!


Working from initial measurements and print specifications, the Uptown Studios team got to designing. Deciding to create the actual design of the signs second, the challenge became designing signs that were facing the correct way and sized appropriately. Since all of the signs would be printed on metal, the Uptown Studios Design Team worked with the printers to create scaled mockups. Testing each mockup in photographs, any sizing issues, such as distance from the ground, font size, and sign height, were reconciled until each was mocked up, tested, and approved. With all sizes solidified, the design team went onto creating the visuals. Wanting to make sure that the signs were informative, attractive, and not “shouting” at the reader, the look and feel remained simple yet on-brand.


Thoughtfully placed and executed:

  • Restroom signs
  • Front entrance sign
  • Wall-mounted signs
  • Main entrance parking lot signs
  • Counseling building signage
  • Digital marquee monument sign
  • Door graphics
  • Hanging signs