La Familia Counseling Center Blue Logo

Project Overview

After nearly forty years of service in the community, La Familia Counseling Center was looking for an updated look and feel that would carry them through the next few decades. Instead of a full rebrand, a logo refresh was more appropriate. Settling on a refreshed logo with enlivened colors, the Design Team’s new mark strengthened La Familia’s connection to the people they serve.


La Familia Counseling Center, Inc. (La Familia) provides multicultural counseling, outreach, and support services to low income, at-risk youth and families in Sacramento County. For more than 40 years, La Familia has successfully operated programs that have been recognized on the local, state, and national levels. All of La Familia’s services are free and bilingual staff members are available to meet the needs of our diverse community.


Deciding to refresh their look, the La Familia team met with the Uptown Studios Design Team to discuss a color palette and inspiration. Since La Familia proudly serves a predominantly Latinx population, they wanted their branding to reflect the cultural iconography of Latinx people. To do that, the designer researched South American textiles, colors, and patterns allowing them to influence the extended brand colors, look, and feel. In addition to wanting to incorporate cultural iconography, La Familia also historically used a tree as their icon to symbolize their roots within the community. This was important to maintain no matter how their brand evolved.


All factors researched and discussed, the Designer finally got started. Since the logo was originally done in a cursive font, the designer decided to hand draw a more modern cursive logo mark. Hearts were added to the eyes to symbolize the care and love La Familia has for their community. Originally drawn horizontally, a vertical composition was made by scanning in the original illustration and hand tracing. To maintain the tree, icons were created as submarks for the brand, representing each of their five pillars of service. Done first in full color, the icons were then color-coded and created in a single, different color. With all of these new additions, a style guide was created to help keep things consistent.


  • A full logo suite with five icons
  • A refreshed style guide