Four Colorful Nonprofit Graphic Design Banners For Snowline

Project Overview

Shifting their brand away from Snowline Hospice to simply Snowline, Snowline wanted to visually represent this subtle shift with their large-format print promotions. Seeing this as an opportunity to produce a new look and feel for Snowline, the Uptown Studios Design team developed eight different nonprofit graphic design banners to promote Snowline’s brand, services, and programs.


Snowline is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to enhancing life. Relieving the physical, emotional, and spiritual setbacks of living with a serious chronic illness, they specialize in managing the adjustments necessary when life is limited and treatments that cure are no longer viable. Snowline focuses on providing compassionate care with dignity and has a rich brand history. Not wanting to harm their existing positive regard, a new, more modern, look and feel needed to seamlessly integrate with their existing marketing materials.


Since Snowline has such a rich history, the Uptown Studios Design Team decided to take inspiration from how Snowline’s industry competitors managed to stay modern. Serving a unique population during what is a difficult time of life, the Design Team wanted to make sure any changes made were thoughtful and delicate. Snowline’s branding has maintained a clear tone of compassion and empathy for the people they serve, so a new look and feel needed to do just that. Any design needed to be easily understood across many mediums.


To make sure that the integrity of Snowline’s tone remained intact, the Design Team created multiple styles for the banners. Using the distinct color palette of Snowline as a foundation, the banners were created to represent each different program offered by the nonprofit. Saturating their existing color palette, the Design Team created a “modern” feel by utilizing minimal lines and silhouette vector graphics.


  • Eight distinctly Snowline banners that set the tone for anyone visiting Snowline HQ
  • An easily applied new look and feel that can be slowly integrated into Snowline’s marketing material toolbox
  • A subtle repositioning of Snowline’s brand