Snowline Annual Report 2018 2019 With Blue And Light Blue Background

Project Overview

In 2020, Snowline commissioned Uptown Studios to design and print a 12-page Annual Report to celebrate their 40th Anniversary, reflect on their successes, and highlight where they’re headed in the coming year. The client requested that we not use their current branding and create a New Americana look and feel for their 2020 report. They felt this would help make it stand out from the years prior and be memorable for their audience.


Snowline is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to enhancing life. Relieving the physical, emotional, and spiritual setbacks of living with a serious chronic illness, they specialize in managing the adjustments necessary when life is limited and treatments that cure are no longer viable. Snowline focuses on providing compassionate care with dignity and has a rich brand history.


Since the client’s goal was to step away from their current brand look and feel, it was important that the Design Team did their research to better understand Americana-inspired design. To do this, they looked at design elements from old playbills, WWII iconography, the late 40s, and early 50s, the Louisiana Hayride, and the iconic USO tour.


Taking the inspiration from visual research and the design of Snowline’s 40th Anniversary Gala, the New Americana theme consisted of various vintage fonts, grunge textures, stars and stripes, and a classic red, white, and cream color palette. The content of the report was laid out in a spread-by-spread fashion. Altogether, this created a report that featured unique designs on every spread of the while maintaining integrity to the Americana theme and Snowline’s great history.


  • A memorable brand asset for Snowline and their community
  • 400 copies of the professionally printed, saddle-stitched, 12-page Annual Report