Project Overview

Uptown Studios had the opportunity to provide full service video for the Veloz Electric Charging Station Campaign. The Uptown Studios Video Team conducted a Human-Centered Design focus group, wrote scripts, created storyboards, assembled the video crew, directed and produced the shoot, and even did the post production editing. 


Veloz is a nonprofit organization with a mission to overcome barriers to electrification by encouraging the desire and demand of more affordable charging stations for electric vehicles. The goal of this campaign was to create a three minute marketing video to get the message across to various leaders in the community that getting permits for electric charging stations is now easier than ever before.


The Uptown Studios video team needed to explain that people and organizations no longer need to jump through hoops to obtain permits for charging stations. The challenge was to deliver this message in a fun and lighthearted way, without simply reciting facts. 


To create an engaging video, the Uptown Studios video team integrated animation with live action. On the day of the shoot, the team began filming at 6am in order to ensure filming was completed by 11am, when the entire shooting location would be covered by shadows. Ultimately, the video was a success and Veloz was able to utilize this video in a variety of ways. 


One, 3-minute marketing video