A screenshot of the Westervelt Ecological Services website on various devices and screen sizes

Project Overview

For this website project the client required a very robust search feature for the mitigation banks for which they offer credits. They needed the search feature to have a map with markers for each bank. Additionally, the map needed to be broken up into four regions: California, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida as those are the states in which they operate. The locations of each bank needed to be set up in such a way that the client could easily add, remove, or edit each bank from their WordPress control panel. Lastly, each section needed to have filters for sorting the banks by their County, Habitat Type, or to simply search by keyword or address.

We began by making extensive use of the Google Maps JavaScript API. Next, we set up each region (CA, AL, MS, FL) as a custom post type. Each custom post type share the same three taxonomies for County, Habitat Type, and Credit Type, which are used for the filtering and sorting. Each bank also has the option for adding a main featured image, global latitude/longitude location, important documents pertaining to the bank, short excerpt about the bank (as teaser lead-in text), long description about the bank, and the boundaries for the service area which were uploaded as Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files.

The end result is a great product that does all the things the client asked for, looks really good, and will be very useful for their clients when trying to find mitigation banks to purchase conservation credits towards.