Uptown Studios is your Sacramento creative team specializing in graphic design, website design, hosting and management, video production, social media training and management, brand development, print management and marketing services. We fix complex problems for our clients through human-centered design processes.

Tina Reynolds
Big Idea Person

Tina Reynolds

Chief Juggler

The Uptown Studios crew is known for being creative, dedicated and enthusiastic. Started by Tina Reynolds in 1992, Uptown Studios is now at the top of its game with a full team of creative professionals ready to help you change your world. Tina has always led by example with her fiery enthusiasm and eagerness to take challenges head-on.

She promotes a happy, healthy work environment where each team member is valued and encouraged to be involved in community activities and causes they are passionate about.

Tina has been running her own design firm since 1976 and she is the community face of Uptown Studios. She is ready and eager to get your project going, and share her experience that will give you the “big picture” on your campaign or marketing materials. Tina loves the people she gets to work with and is always there to remind you to make it: “EASY, FUN AND POPULAR”

a headshot of Jonathan

Jonathan Simpson

Office Ninja

Jonathan Simpson, our Office Ninja, has been with Uptown Studios since early 2000 and has grown our financial management as we have grown. You will be hearing from him about your invoices, contracts and statements. If you have any questions on your bills Jonathan will be your man to help you through any issues. He is here to help us with all things finance. If you ever want to know how Yoda would have said something – just ask Jonathan – he is the knower of all things Yoda.

image of Kristen

Kristen Stauss

Office Alchemist

Kristen has almost 20 years experience in the digital and offset printing world. She has worked every aspect of the print/copy shop atmosphere. Kristen manages all of the pricing, production and delivery of your printed collateral with Uptown Studios to ensure it is delivered on time and looks amazing every time. When not thinking about printed materials, Kristen can be found hanging with her family, Brad, Juli-Ann and baby Austin or lounging with their dog O’Malley. Kristen is also a huge advocate for public transportation and cycling, utilizing them every chance she gets.

Mackenzie McKinney
Design Team

Mackenzie McKinney


Mackenzie uses her years of hands-on experience to manage every design project conducted here at Uptown Studios. A tried and trusted Tina-wrangler, Excel-lover, and to-do list maker, Mackenzie ensures that all our projects remain on time, on budget, and looking sexy. Formally trained in design and broadcast journalism, Mackenzie brings all her writing, producing, designing, event planning, editing, camera, and organizational skills to the table. (When she’s around, we bust out the big table). When her computer isn’t set to “Editing mode,” Mackenzie loves anything she can fit into a dutch oven. She and her husband travel all around Northern California in their 85’ Westy with their two pups, where they take walking food tours all day. Working with her is an absolute pleasure. We are lucky to have her around!

an image of Noel Riggs
Design Team

Noel Riggs

Queen of the Brands/Art Director

Noel can practically design in Photoshop with one hand and Illustrator with the other. A logo-master, Noel works closely with all clients to help guide the look and feel of their next big project or business venture. Queen of the Brands, Noel has made it her mission to help Sacramento stay on-brand, all of the time. From photographic style to vibe videos or six-figure campaigns, Noel’s design eye is detail-oriented and timeless. When not hitting Command+Z on her keyboard, Noel loves taking her son for walks and cooking up a feast in her kitchen.

Ryan Logan
Video Team

Ryan Logan

Video Samurai

Ryan Logan is our in-house video and photography expert and has been working in video production for more than 17 years, specializing in producing, directing, videography, lighting design and post-production. He has had the pleasure of producing and directing hundreds of television commercials for the local businesses in the greater Sacramento region, as well as many national infomercials, TV ad, and marketing video campaigns. Video production has been Ryan’s passion since early in his career and believes there is always more to learn in this ever-changing industry.

Kate Moore
Video Team

Kate Moore


Now playing a support role at Uptown Studios, Kate maintains our creative design programs, alarm systems and steps in when someone needs help. She also loves bicycling around Midtown, getting creative with clay and watching baseball.

Brad Johnson
Video Team

Brad Johnson

Facilities Guru

Brad Johnson works closely with the video team setting up lights and sets and acting as our main grip on all video shoots. He also oversees all aspects of our building and studio maintenance and management. He ensures our space is inviting, always looks clean and amazing, and meets the needs of our clients and team. He enjoys spending time with family and the outdoors. Brad is an avid cycling enthusiast, often riding 50 miles or more in a single ride!

Brent Stromberg
Web Team

Brent Stromberg

Preeminent Web Nerd

Brent joined Uptown Studios in July 2012 with sixteen years of front end web development under his belt. By day, Brent develops code – writing and editing CSS, Sass, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML – makes WordPress template customizations, builds responsive designs, and helps clients with their web questions. He loves that his job allows him to constantly learn new things and go home everyday feeling satisfied. By night, he spends time loving his wife, daughter and new son Owen, woodworking and nerding out on Star Wars (pre-1997, of course).

Lizzie Carroll At Uptown Studios Headshot

Lizzie Carroll

Narrative Nelly/Marketing Director

Lizzie can type nearly as fast as she can talk. She brings her copywriting background to every marketing project, inserting narrative into brand strategy and social change campaigns again and again. A well-rounded marketer, Lizzie is certified in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Human-Centered Design. She loves helping our clients realize their marketing goals all while having fun doing it. Leading strategy and messaging for all campaigns, Lizzie will help your organization further its mission, engage more people, and tell a kick-ass story while doing it. With her careful listening, you’ll be surprised how quickly she can put words to something you’ve been struggling to name. When not dreaming up taglines, Lizzie can be found dancing bachata in her living room, writing her second book, or beer tasting with her partner.

Brennan Grout Headshot Wearing Glasses Smiling With Green Collard Shirt And Dark Blue Background

Brennan Grout

Ad Angler

Brennan is our resident expert at all things Google. He is Google Certified and here to work with your Search Engine Optimization, keywords and all things to get your website onto page one of a Google Search.

Image of Jaime Fernandez

Jaime Fernandez

With a background of over ten years in web development, Jaime has worked in almost every facet of the web development industry. Specializing in website development and content creation, Jaime is a critical asset to Uptown Studios’ web team. Jaime is the leader of all things web and beyond. In addition to her work at Uptown Studios, Jaime is also a working comedian for Live Nation Comedy Clubs! An active member of the Sacramento comedy scene, she regularly donates her time teaching stand-up comedy while also working as the creator, producer, and host of Luna’s Open Mic Night, which she has been doing since 2013.

April Auger

April is a Full Stack Web Developer & UI Designer with a passion for building intuitive, responsive, and highly optimized websites that load fast and create a better user experience. She brings forth expertise in all stages of website creation, including research, planning, design, development, testing, and deployment. April works closely with each client to gain a solid understanding of the company’s goals and target audience. Having a solid understanding of the company’s needs provides her with the insight necessary to build a website that meets or even exceeds the client’s expectations.

Image of James

James Navarro

Second Lt. Web Whisperer

A long time ago in a galaxy far away, James began his career in tech as a web designer. Eventually working his way up to Creative Director, James has been working in the Web Design and Marketing Industry for nearly 20 years holding roles at big and local names like VSP, Three29, Augustine Associates, and Catalyst Marketing. Always a pleasure to work with, James’ professional style is guided by empathy. Whether he’s working on a small web maintenance project or a whole new website, James ensures that all clients feel comfortable and confident in their expressed goals and scope of work. Focused on maintaining both the big-picture and detailed vision of a project, James is a phenomenal collaborator. When not at work, James can be found co-hosting the Distance Nerding podcast or working hard to raise his three children as nerds.

Jill Bruschera Headshot Smiling Wearing Red Collard Shirt And Tie With Blue Background

Jill Bruschera

Tina Wrangler

Jill’s extensive background as a visual artist makes her the perfect right-hand woman to Uptown Studios’ Chief Juggler, Tina Reynolds. As resident Tina-wrangler, Jill supports the entire Uptown Studios team through the execution of various administrative tasks, project management assistance, and internal project aide. In 2014, Jill received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts: Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago. Since then, Jill has spent time as a traveling, teaching artist, conducting hand papermaking workshops nationwide in her mobile papermaking studio, “The Mobile Mill.” Through her own body of work and the projects she touches at Uptown Studios, Jill aims to empower creative and ecological sensibilities while actively broadening preconceived notions of where art can be made and who can make it. When not sifting through calendars or client emails, Jill can be found on roller derby rink, a hiking trail, or tinkering in a science lab.

Bex Rielly

Design Project Manager

In the late 90s, Bex found herself off on a great adventure. Working in radio, TV, and film, her passion for cinema and storytelling have led her to producing “Jocks, Geeks and Nerds” (JGN), co-directing Sacramento’s film festival, SacFilmChallenge, directing and producing “And Action,” co-leading, For the Love of Cinema, and launching her social justice endeavor, the “Not My Hoodie Project.” Previously with Access Sacramento, Bex’s wide breadth of experience makes her the perfect creative fit for all things design. Always ready to bring big energy to projects, Bex puts a special emphasis on team building and community. She is an expert connector and a powerful networker who is constantly looking for ways to bring people together. When not busy at work or with her many passion projects, Bex is also the President and Co-Director of SacGeeks and a mother.

Morgan Seitz

Marketing Maven/Marketing project Manager

Morgan is an upbeat, gregarious Marketer with an analytical mindset. An experienced project leader, Morgan is well versed in collaborating with all of Uptown’s cross-functional teams. Particularly adept in developing product messaging, positioning, and go-to-market strategy, Morgan brings her product strategy background to every project she facilitates within the Marketing Team. When not creating and maintaining budgets, leading meetings, or wrangling the team, Morgan can be found traveling the world or teaching Barre class.

Keith Lowell Jensen

Sorcerer of Socials/Social Media Manager

Keith Lowell Jensen uses social media magic to help our clients establish an engaging presence across all of the various social media platforms. Keith comes to Uptown Studios with 25 years of stand-up comedy experience, where he’s learned to use his words effectively and efficiently both on stage and in promotions. Keith has handled marketing and social media management for national touring shows including The Coexist Comedy Tour, and The Comedians With Disabilities Act, as well as the eight comedy specials that he has written and starred in. When not working to bring laughter to the world, Keith does plenty of laughing himself, parenting Max, a precocious 11-year-old, and Marmalade, a cat, with help from Bryna, his wife.

Lisa Donahue

Marketing Strategist

Lisa has been marketing up a storm for nearly a decade now. As the Marketing Team’s resident Strategist, she ensures that we hear your wants and needs loud and clear, takes them back to our team for a brainstorming session, and then cooks up something genius, just for you. With a background in marketing, event production, interpersonal communications, team building, government grants and contracts, and copywriting, Lisa will utilize her broad professional career to bring light and color to your project. Prior to her role at Uptown Studios, Lisa was a Project and Marketing Manager for various government agencies across the country. Keep your eyes peeled on video calls, you’ll be sure to spot at least one of her pups! When she’s not color-coding projects, you can find her out on a hike or teaching barre classes.