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What Is The Cause We Care Challenge?

We know that finding marketing funds for nonprofits doing good work in the Sacramento region is often a struggle. We are offering $25,000 in marketing services provided by Uptown Studios to the winning nonprofit organizations.

The top five vote getting organizations will appear at the March 30 Pitch Party and the winners will be chosen by the Uptown Studios team for the following prizes:

1st place: $15,000 in services
2nd place: $5,000 in services
3rd place: $2,500 in services
4th place: $1,500 in services
5th place: $1,000 in services

It’s our 25th year in business and giving back is part of why we have been successful.

Our services include video production, graphic design, website design and implementation, social media management or training and marketing and brand consultation.

We love working with people who care about making a stronger community and people who like a fun party with a purpose.

This challenge is open to all 501c3 non-profit organizations in the Sacramento region.

All Leaders Must Serve

Cause: All Leaders Must Serve (ALMS) is a job readiness program formed to empower young adults from 15-25 years of age by instilling purpose, character, work ethics and the desire to give back to their community as self-sufficient adults through the service of mentors.

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63 votes

Center for Workers’ Rights

Cause: The Center for Workers’ Rights strives to improve working conditions, reduce barriers to securing employment, and remedy workplace injustices for low-wage workers and their families in the greater Sacramento area. With the Trump administration, our work is more important than ever to ensure that all workers are treated with dignity and respect.

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161 votes

Cottage Housing, Inc.

Cause: Develop Healing Communities for Formerly Homeless Families & Individuals Cottage Housing Inc. (CHI) develops healing communities for formerly homeless families, by providing residents solution-focused, participant-driven & strength-based programs. Homelessness is a local issue & CHI plays a vital role in helping some of our most vulnerable community members transition from the streets to self-sustainability.

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2266 votes

East Sacramento Preservation

Cause: They call us radicals, quixotic, the East Sac lefties. We are neighbors who think bungalows might be preferable to McMansions, we spoke up about McVillage, we’re not afraid and we believe in families by all definitions, healthy children, opportunities and justice. East Sacramento Preservation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit grass roots group. Our mission is …

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217 votes

Empire Arts Collective

Cause: Empire Arts Collective will provide a home for performing artists to collaborate, learn, and share resources. We believe that art is best built in supportive communities, and that diverse voices create stronger stories. Our values include hard work, creativity, radical kindness, aiming for greatness, and long-term community investment.

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359 votes

Fine Art School In The Pines

Cause: I am teaching children to create on a variety of levels. I believe that through art we can improve motivation, and confidence. I have designed an art program for children to use there artistic expression as a way to confront feelings or just find there inner selves. My creativity with the children has been …

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22 votes

Friends of Adult Day Health Care

Cause: To bring attention to the importance of adult day health care To promote the health, dignity, and independence of frail older and disabled adults and their caregivers by supporting Yolo Adult Day Health Center through fundraising and community awareness.

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873 votes

Music For The Cause

Cause: Raising awareness of bleeding disorders and other rare conditions, and introducing these causes into the mainstream communities. The goal is to mutually cross promote with up-and-coming musicians who share our mission while we share their music. Most importantly the purpose of this organization is to help families in need!

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452 votes

NorCal AIDS Cycle

Cause: We are The Nor Cal Aids Cycle. In the last dozen years we have raised more that $2 million dollars for agencies in and around Sacramento. Those funds help educate, provide medical aid, housing, food and counseling for people throughout the Sacramento region. We are the last AIDS fundraising event of this scale in …

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1473 votes

Powerhouse Science Center

Cause: Let’s Get Powerhouse to the Riverfront! The Powerhouse Science Center brings science to life through hands-on exhibits, dynamic demonstrations, interactive programs, and planetarium presentations. We’re working toward groundbreaking on a phenomenal new facility along Sacramento’s Riverfront.Help us get there so we can launch more kids into exploring all the thrilling wonders science offers!

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1961 votes

Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee

Cause: Amplify The Voice of the Homeless We develop homeless leadership to establish housing as a human right and to end the criminalization of homelessness. We publish Homeward Street Journal, which generates income for our homeless vendors, and supports the movement with news, poetry, photos, and art.

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439 votes

Sacramento SPCA

Cause: The Sacramento SPCA would like to change the public’s perception of animal shelters and invite the community to take advantage of the numerous programs and services focused on keeping Sacramento pets and their people together for life. We have been “Giving More than Shelter” to people with pets and those seeking pets for more …

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608 votes

Sacramento Tree Foundation

Cause: At the Sacramento Tree Foundation we are proud of caring for the finest urban forest in the country. When a tree has to come down it’s story can continue through local craftsmanship. Urban Wood Rescue unites and uplifts Sacramento area woodworkers in the cause to create beautifully crafted products from Sacramento trees

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1880 votes

Sheriff’s Community Impact Program

Cause: SCIP believes this level of service will help strengthen the entire family and keep both the child and family more connected to the school and community. We had over 2,700 volunteer hours, made up of predominately law enforcement personnel and served 1,700 underserved youth, but need assistance in marketing and media coverage to help …

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202 votes

Shores of Hope

Cause: In our Childcare Development, our kids ask for donations to make their edible garden project happen. In general, Shores of Hope strives to cultivate independence in each individual who is looking for the support to meet the basic needs in life, such as a job, housing, childcare and mobility. Help is needed in our …

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123 votes

Sol Collective Arts and Cultural Center

Cause: Sol Collective Online – Customized Website, Store and Media Network Established in 2005, Sol Collective is a cultural hub in Sacramento. After 11 years, Sol Collective is purchasing our building at 2574 21st street. We are working to create a legacy of sustainable arts including building, developing, and expanding the Sol Store and the …

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1730 votes

Teen S Team+

Cause: Teen-S-Team+ (TST+), our parent organization, is a multi-faceted collaboration within our programs, those of other non-profits and industry. Like the spokes of a wheel, the different elements of TST+ meet at the hub of the metaphorical wheel- the UnBullyAble We programs. The hub is the work with our students, from fourth grade through high …

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22 votes


Cause: Protect Your Freedom to enjoy the Outdoors!   At Tuleyome we believe everyone deserves access to the outdoors. There are now serious efforts throughout the country to take your public lands away from you and sell them off to private individuals, locking you out of the lands you love. Join Tuleyome, participate in our …

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49 votes


Cause: We need to shift the narrative on walking and biking from danger to freedom, adventure, and saving the planet. Too many of the messages that reach children, especially girls, are about safety and not empowerment. We want to create a one-of-a-kind helmet giveaway toolkit with inspiring messages and catchy graphics to energize the next …

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2584 votes

Women’s Wisdom ART

Cause: Wisdom is a welcoming, creative place where diverse, often underserved women come together in community to create ART. We need professional videos of varying lengths to help with growth, fundraising and outreach efforts. We believe words and images we create can be empowering to our women, their families and the community.

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169 votes

Yolo Community Care Continuum

Cause: Serving people with mental illness   YCCC is a nonprofit organization established to better the lives of people with mental illness through direct services, advocacy, education, and volunteer efforts. YCCC strives to excel as a dynamic presence in our community. Our goal is to provide client-driven services which assist people to attain their highest …

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136 votes