Project Overview

Uptown Studios had the opportunity to create two new PSA’s for the Sacramento County Coalition for Youth’s (SCCY) Future Forward campaign. After extensive research and focus groups with dozens of teens in the Greater Sacramento Area, the feedback was unanimous: what the teens wanted was something they could connect with and relate to.


The SCCY is a community organization that works to make Sacramento a safe place for kids and teens to grow up in. Their mission is to ensure young people are free from the influence of harmful and addictive substances.


Uptown Studios created two cinematic, yet authentic and relatable, representations of SCCY youth members. We wanted to highlight teenagers having fun, focusing on school, and thriving in extracurricular activities, without the distraction of marijuana.


The video shoots took place in four locations over two days. This particular video shows a student in his own element, having fun, and mixes in theatrical style video shooting during the interview portion. SCCY conducted peer testing after the video was completed and received an abundance of positive feedback. Students could finally see kids their age in action doing what they were talking about in the video.


Two, 30-second lifestyle videos