Project Overview

Uptown Studios contracted with the Sacramento County Opioid Coalition to craft impactful videos to be utilized across multiple social media platforms. They wanted to maintain the look and feel of their brand while creating unique animated videos in order to get their message out to a younger audience.


The Sacramento County Opioid Coalition is a collaboration of healthcare professionals, community based organizations, law enforcement, county agencies, and concerned citizens determined to turn the tide of the opioid epidemic. They are committed to saving lives by preventing overdoses through expanding treatment access, promoting safe disposal, encouraging early intervention, treatment and recovery, enhancing opioid surveillance, and expanding public education and media outreach.


The Uptown Studios creative team needed to get the organization’s emphasis on the familiarity of opioid addiction and the idea that it’s more prevalent and usually a lot closer to home than one might think. 


The Uptown Studios Team met with the Coalition to brainstorm initial concepts and create a targeted direction in which to go towards. They decided on nine videos, with five of them holding a thirty second spot and the other four holding fifteen second time spots. The video team utilized storyboarding and screen captures to create specific concepts which, after a little Uptown magic, became the final video products.


Nine Total Videos

  • Five 30-second videos
  • Four 15-second videos