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Build your Brand

If you thought of your brand as a person, who would it be? Having a clearly defined brand image and brand strategy is essential to long-term success. Whether you are starting from scratch, branding yourself or an organization or need a complete corporate branding revamp, the Uptown Studios Sacramento branding team can work with you to give your brand an identity and logo design people will want to connect with.

Our brand development always begins with establishing your objectives to ensure that brand strategy will produce the desired results and can be evaluated. We work to understand your passion and vision, and use Human-Centered Design and Social Marketing techniques to discover who you and your target demographics are.

Brand Checklist

Be Valuable

It’s very important to be able to define ways in which your organization is unique AND valuable to your clients. Communicating these unique benefits in a way that’s easy to remember and clearly understandable helps to increase your perceived value and can help to create loyal customers who will choose your product or service over your competition. We will work closely with you to discover those values you have and help to share them with your target audience. We are here to help shout your praises!

Branding Helps you to Stand Out

Differentiate from your competition. Examine your competitors carefully and look for the key selling points and the basic “promises” they make. Decide what differentiates your company, product or service. We can help you be innovative and stand out. Uptown Studios is here to discover your best channels to reach your target audience and position you so that you are the one at the front of the line – getting noticed!

Drive Your Message Home

Your core message should consist of a single idea which will become the focus of all your creative communications. Your marketing tools should revolve around this central message and theme. Within your brand, we will create messaging that is consistent and creative, driving your call to action and getting the customers.

Develop your Brand Promise – Then Keep it

Uptown Studios is here to help you discover what your promise is to your clients, customers and target audience. “We promise to…” This is the statement that will build trust in your brand, we help uncover your promise then create the message to push your promise out to your community. Building your reputation all the while. Uptown Studios promises to help you discover your brand promise and promote it.

How Branding Works

Your brand is how you talk about yourself, how others talk about you and what people remember about you. Strong branding builds awareness, reputation and loyalty. Uptown Studios is here to help you become a brand your audience will connect with – by building an emotional connection. We help portray your organization with fresh content, modern design that captures attention and a memorable message that resonates with your customers. Let us help you create your brand identity, corporate logo, business style guide and marketing materials. We offer full web design services to create or update your website and set your organization apart with a brand your audience will gravitate towards.


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