B Street Theatre: A Google Adwords Case Study

We provide Google AdWords services for a wide variety of clients and industries. Many of our clients are nonprofit and charity organizations in the Sacramento area, we take advantage of the Google Grants AdWords program, which gives nonprofit’s a $10,000 a month budget in FREE online advertising. What’s more, after meeting that budget goal for two months, our clients can become eligible for $40,000 a month with Google GrantsPro.

B Street Theatre is the Sacramento region’s premier live performing arts venue. They came to Uptown Studios with a need to reach a larger audience, generate traffic to their website, and increasing ticket sales. We suggested using Google AdWords as part of an online marketing initiative.

We created a marketing strategy with some sample ads and a carefully researched keyword list based on the areas of their website they most wanted to increase traffic to. This included their homepage, Events, Plays, and Purchase Tickets pages. We kept a close eye on their campaigns, adjusting and refining their ads and keywords for better performance throughout the month. At the end of each month, we provided detailed monthly reporting, allowing us to dig deep and see what was working and what could be improved.

In just a few short weeks, we developed complete campaigns targeted to specific audiences. Over time, we were able to bring in a huge amount of AdWords traffic to their website. This client has now surpassed their monthly Google Grants budget and is well on their way to getting a whopping $40,000 a month in FREE advertising.

We have produced similar online marketing and SEO results with Google AdWords for the Sacramento Library and The Sacramento Zoo, who both have steadily increased their online reach and web traffic, nearing 8,000 – 10,000 new visitors every month.