Crossroads Diversified: A Print Case Study

The process of building an ad specialties package starts with knowing your audience. Which products are they most likely to go for? The whole idea of ad specialties is to gain brand recognition and encourage people to stop and ask questions. In this client’s case, we went with items that would help support individuals re-entering the workforce and to encourage them to join the training program.

We choose a handy tote style bag in a non-woven poly which holds up well under daily use. A stainless steel travel mug for those on the go. A large white bistro coffee mug to get your morning going. A pen and small note book as some handy tools to help promote success. Then we included small items like a foam football, foldable flyer, bag clip, and a handy mirror to draw people in and take a look at the program.

Crossroads Diversified refrigerator magnet clip
Crossroads Diversified coffee mug

Almost everything in this set has been produced with a screened imprint in one or two colors. Most items came in a navy blue that was a close match to the clients branded color so they used a white imprint to contrast with the navy. The stainless steel travel mug got a navy imprint to coordinate with the grouping. The bistro mug, foam football, and bag clip had white backgrounds so the clients complete two color logo would show up nicely.

If you are building brand loyalty through networking, trade shows, fairs or festivals it is always a good idea to have a few small items that people can walk away with to keep your brand or program top of mind.

One of my favorite items is the foldable flyer we did for this client. It is small and cheap for buying at quantity, it is a great toy that works well. If you have kids like me – it is even fun to play with indoors!

Crossroads Diversified swag, including a mug, foam football, magnet clip, pen, coffee thermos, and notebook