Sacramento Beer Week Videos: A Video Case Study

This video series was a donation we made to help promote Sacramento Beer Week and to educate people about the breweries and brewers in our region. The craft brew movement is growing everyday and Sacramento is one of newest beer destinations for people who love great beer.

We worked with the Sacramento Brewers Guild and Sacramento Beer Week sponsor, Sacramento Republic FC, to recruit the brewers and schedule ten interviews. For each interview we used a Canon XA10 camera run and gun style.

a full beer glass with the words Bike Dog written on the side
The Sac Beer Week logo next to a bottle of beer

The lower third and open and close graphics were created prior to shoot with the use of a single 3D bottle sliding across the screen and turning with each of the brewer’s logos on the bottle in AfterEffects with final editing of each piece in Final Cut Pro X. The open and close lower thirds included the brand colors and the Sacramento Beer Week logo.

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