Project Overview

Uptown Studios and The Center for Tobacco Policy and Organizing have been working together for a long time. We have built a few different versions of their website over the years and last year they were in need of a refresh once again. They needed a really beautiful, compelling website that provided their visitors easy access to the wealth of resources and information The Center provides around tobacco policy and organizing.

The main features of the new website we built for The Center was the document and resource uploader module and the Tobacco Policy Grades database we developed for them this year. They required a document uploader module that was easy to use and update on the backend and fun to use on the front end for their visitors. Several pages needed to have documents and resources display based on their categories that could be quickly filtered and downloaded. The Tobacco Policy Grades database is a custom database module created by our very own Steve Knau and allows users to easily find the current State of Tobacco Control grades for any city or county within California.