Project Overview

The California Tax Education Council (CTEC) partnered with the Uptown Studios Video Team to create a stop motion video. Looking for something fun but also educational, the Uptown Studios Video Team was excited to take on this project.


CTEC is a California non-profit Corporation that registers tax preparers, the second largest segment of tax preparation professionals serving California, following certified public accountants. Anyone who, for a fee, assists with or prepares a state or federal income tax return, excluding certified public accountants, attorneys, enrolled agents, enrolled actuaries, and certain financial institutions or their employees, must be registered with CTEC. CTEC is also charged with approving providers of tax education and maintaining and distributing to the public a list of those approved providers.


Since the videos needed to illustrate the importance of having tax preparers sign documents before paying, the Uptown Studios Video Team had to identify what set of visuals would clearly communicate this idea. To narrow down the options, the Video Team did a little research into the existing CTEC visual communication materials and settled on using pens and dollar bills as the main “stars” of the show. With the initial idea approved, a storyboard was created and sent to the client for review.


Come filming day, the Video Team gathered their props and went into action. The process was seamless, taking only a few hours from start to finish. Not wanting to just create a flat lay stop motion, the Video Team decided to set the camera at an angle, adding in depth while also changing the axes of the main star, the wallet. Edited with Adobe Suites in post production, this project went off without a hitch!


  • A dynamic, fun, and educational stop motion video ready to use on social media