Melinda Levy Logo Blue And Gold Business Cards With Dark Blue Bakcground

Project Overview

To create a brand new logo for Melinda Levy Law, the Uptown Studios’ Design team created a flor-de-lis inspired logo that symbolized Ms. Levy’s years of experience in her field while in New Orleans. Ms. Levy wanted a bright, timeless logo and that was precisely what our designer created!


As in-house counsel for small businesses, Ms. Levy has a wide breadth of experience in her field.


Originally from the south, Ms. Levy loves flor-de-lis. Inspired to create her brand with this well recognized mark as the focal point, the Uptown Studios design team got to business trying different applications of this design.


To create a logo mark that was symbolic of the flor-de-lis, the Uptown Studios design team played with using interweaving lines. By creating a mark that was slightly abstract, the end took the shape of the flor-de-lis but also represented the “un-ending” years of Ms. Levy’s experience and time in New Orleans. As the lines move and shift, Ms. Levy’s career follows its own trajectory of overcoming obstacles, finding outside-of-the-box solutions, and pivoting at a moments notice.


  • A bright, timeless logo mark easily applicable to all business systems
  • Stationary applications showcasing Ms. Levy’s personality