Way finding and signage

Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental graphic design (EGD) uses architectural spaces and visual communication combined to effectively deliver a message to the visitor. Color, brand elements and patterns of traffic work together to convey an intended message or tell a story. The goal can be to guide someone through a space, educate them, entertain or simply convey an important message.


Wayfinding refers to different kinds of sign solutions that guide people through a physical environment and improve their understanding and experience of the space. Industries that commonly rely on strong wayfinding signage are educational institutions, entertainment venues and healthcare centers. Good directional signage creates trust and lowers stress which greatly enhances a visitor’s experience.

Exterior Building Signs

Illuminated sign cans, dedication plaques, banners and window graphics are great ways to showcase your brand. At Uptown Studios, we are here to create signage that puts your business out in front of the competition.