Here are three things that you can do in 15 minutes to market your company:


1.) Find three clients that have not used note from tinayour services in the past year and send them a short email that reconnects – these people already know who you are – reach out to them and let them know you have been thinking about them – that’s it – just a note to say I was thinking about you and hope all is well – and a hand written note is even BETTER!

2.) Ask 10 new people to follow you on LinkedIn – LinkedIn makes it so easy to see who to ask – they automatically pop up a list of people you probably know – ask them to follow you – then say “Thanks.”

3.) Look at all the invites that you get to support things in the community – pick just one and say “Yes – I’m buying a ticket”. Supporting a community event is a great way to market your business, and it is fun! Show up, bring business cards and talk to people you find interesting. Don’t sell, just build a relationship – the selling will happen when they need your services – just get to know them and have a great time!

If you see me at an event, please come over and introduce yourself – I love making new friends and happy to introduce you to other people that I know.  – Tina


Tina Reynolds
By Tina Reynolds
Tina Reynolds is president of Uptown Studios, Inc. and has been running her own design firm since 1976. She is the community face of Uptown Studios and her blog entries are directed to business owners ready to make their materials, Easy, Fun and Popular.