There are so many ways to navigate new clients – at Uptown Studios we build many options for us to meet new clients – here are three of our tips:

1. Show up and do what you say your will do.

Volunteer your time and meet the people on your committee, at the meeting or just mixing to have fun. Be yourself and get more involved – IF you want to. If it sounds like fun and the people are interesting this is the best way to develop relationships – then when you are talking business you have an audience that has already vetted you and built trust. Your trust is that they will contact you when they need you. Not a hard sell, but joining a team and doing something together you enjoy. The work will come.

2. Be helpful.

I like to start my conversations with “how can I help you?” Then do something or offer something that is helpful. Mean it. Don’t just say it and then not be honest and helpful. No strings – just see how you can help.

3. Connect new connections with old connections.

What a great help it is to anyone starting out or in business for a long time – to have someone facilitate an introduction to someone that you are dying to work together with or just to meet and get to know them. Be the connector – it always makes you look great to your team and is a great relationship builder on both ends.

Tina Reynolds
By Tina Reynolds
Tina Reynolds is president of Uptown Studios, Inc. and has been running her own design firm since 1976. She is the community face of Uptown Studios and her blog entries are directed to business owners ready to make their materials, Easy, Fun and Popular.