You are a new nonprofit and you have a working website with a blog, however you don’t know how to market your new website.

This is a very common problem amongst nonprofits and every other industry on the world wide web.

Indeed, if you are looking for a quick answer to your marketing problem, just know there really isn’t one. If you don’t have the capital to hire a professional marketing agency like Uptown Studios just yet, follow this blog and read the 5 popular marketing fundamentals to start promoting your nonprofit today.

In this blog, we will discuss the following 5 popular marketing fundamentals:

  1.    Find your dependable users
  2.    Send email e-blasts
  3.    Remarket your users
  4.    Create expanded text ads
  5.    Create and test display ads

Before you start marketing your nonprofit online and create an email list, make sure you update your privacy policy. See this privacy policy example page by as a guideline.

1. Market Your Nonprofit to Dependable Users

In order to successfully market to your dependable users, make sure you have a working contact form with the following inputs:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

Your dependable users are the ones who already know about your nonprofit and have found your website. They are interested in your nonprofit and want to connect with you now. They fill out their information on your contact form and can’t wait to hear from you again.

Dependable users are a great start in finding what your core audience is interested in and you can easily sign them up for your first email list.

2. Create Your Business Email & Send A Marketing E-blast

Sign up for Google for Nonprofits and create a G-Suite email with your domain for free. This will show users you are professional and your email can be trusted.

Send an email e-blast to your user’s email list created in step 1. Send it with a promotional link you want to market and personalize it using their first and last name. Explain your nonprofit appreciates their commitment and you want to reward them with a promotion.

You can do e-blast all of your users at once with Mailchimp which has free package offering 2,000 subscribers & 12,000 emails per month.

3. Remarket Users Who Clicked Your Promotion Link

Create a Google Display Ads account and start re-marketing your users who visited your promotion page from your email e-blast. This is a paid platform from Google, but re-marketing is really cheap. The amount of information you will collect from re-marketing makes this strategy worth every penny.

Remarketing gives you real calculated data of users who interact with your site.

Remarketing also shows you the websites your users visited after they left your page. Take this list of visited websites and separate them into themes. Determine which themes have the most clicks and this will give you an idea of who your audience is and what future promotions to focus on.

4. Create Expanded Text Ads to Market Your Nonprofit

Sign up for a Google Ad Grant with Google for Nonprofits and create expanded text ads.

In order to create great ads that communicate well with your audience, you need to find your top keywords. Find your top keywords by entering your website URL into the Google Ads keyword planner found in your Google Ad Grants account.

You can also enter in your users top visited websites and your competitor websites, which will give you a wide range of keywords to create great ads.

Create multiple variations of text ads using all of your top keywords and observe which ones your users interact with the most. You can also see what phrases your users search for when they find your ad.

Keep testing your ads and refining them until you have a good idea of what your users respond to.

5. Create Display Ads to Market Your Nonprofit on Specific Websites

Create 10 different display ads all the same size with the same messaging and keywords you gathered from your expanded text ads.

Upload the list of websites your users visit most to ensure your display ads go to those websites.

This is a very cheap and effective way to A/B test products and promotions in your nonprofit.

Repeat This Marketing Strategy

Repeat this strategy over and over again. Keep creating new promotions and remarketing to your growing users. This process takes a long time and it is never over. You can only learn more with every cycle and really target your key audience.

There are billions of users who search websites on the internet every day. Make sure your nonprofit website is one of them.

At Uptown Studios, we work hard to efficiently market nonprofit’s in Sacramento. If you would like to work with us today, don’t hesitate to holler at US!

Brennan Grout
By Brennan Grout