Advertising with Google AdWords is your organization’s best opportunity to get to Google’s top spot on page one and drive traffic and sales to your website. Use them to deliver your customized message and spread awareness of your programs and services.

When someone searches Google with a keyword, your ad pops up and they click it. Simple right?

Check out a few simple ways to be more effective in AdWords and get quality traffic to your website from people who are ready to take action.


Some advertisers adopt the “spray and pray” method of using AdWords, just adding tons of ad variations and keywords, which is a big waste of money. In order to take advantage of the powerful targeting mechanisms in AdWords while getting the biggest return on investment, you should be taking care to plan out a clear and concise strategy and account structure.

Even if you are making 100 ads for a wide range of products, take the time to lay out all of your campaigns, ads, and keywords to make sure that your dollars are paying for the most effective ads and keywords possible.

Use Better Keywords

Google says it’s better to have 10 highly targeted, relevant and performing keywords in your ad group than 100. If your keywords are not married to the message of your ad and landing page call to action, you’re throwing away money on clicks from visitors that will not convert.

Adwords and paper doodlesThink about the searcher’s intention and the common keywords they use to find you. Carefully review your keyword’s quality score, ad relevance and landing page experience in your AdWords columns to ensure your always running the best keywords. Research your competitors keywords and constantly experiment and refine until you get your top 10 dialed in.

Check out our guide to finding keywords for free here now!

Have a Clear Call To Action

If you are paying for ads that do not have a clear and specific call to action (CTA) for readers to follow, you are missing out on valuable conversions! Tell readers exactly what you want them to do. help give them very concise direction and encourage them to actually take that action. Test a few different CTAs. “Call Now!”, “Visit Now!”, “Shop Now!”, “Buy Now!” – they are all good.

Do A/B Testing

Try a few variations on how you word your ad, the CTA, the landing page on your website, or how you format your value proposition. Let it run for a few weeks and refine your ads to be closer to the most effective ones in your campaign. Typically, three to five ad variations are sufficient to see what performs.

Use AdWords Reports

Taking advantage of the reporting and review features of Google AdWords is one of the most important parts of this process. The deep data reports that Google generates can give you clear insight into what campaigns are doing well, which you should move money to or away from, and how to edit your campaigns to grow their effectiveness and gain more customers!

Harness the power of AdWords for your organization and drive valuable traffic to your website.

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