A Start To Social Media

Tina ReynoldsStop. Set It Up. Share: A Start to Social Media

We know social media can be a lot to process, especially when there are so many other things that still have to get done. So, to make your life a little easier, we have outlined three things you CAN do… today!

1. Set it up

Stop procrastinating and set your pages up. You don’t have to have your plan completely fine-tuned, but you can’t engage very well if you don’t even start. Set up a Facebook , LinkedIn Company page, and/or Twitter and get your staff to like/follow your pages and list that they work there.

2. Share

Start posting. Remember that you don’t have to have a company update in order to share – posting in thirds will help you generate content without boring your audience. Have you posted today? Do it now!

3. Market yourself

Add your social media links to your marketing material. OK, your site and business cards might take a little longer to change, but you can add your social media links to your email signatures tonight!

And if you’ve done all of that and still have a couple seconds, here’s one more IMPORTANT step: Remember, the point of social media is to be social and to have some fun!

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Tina Reynolds
By Tina Reynolds
Tina Reynolds is president of Uptown Studios, Inc. and has been running her own design firm since 1976. She is the community face of Uptown Studios and her blog entries are directed to business owners ready to make their materials, Easy, Fun and Popular.