Google announced last month that their Chrome browser will start displaying a Not Secure warning in the address bar on all websites that are not secured by a valid, up-to-date SSL certificate. Currently this warning displays on all web pages that have forms, such as login pages and shopping cart checkout pages. Starting with version 62 of Google Chrome, which is now available for download, all websites not secured by a valid SSL certificate will show the Not Secure warning on all pages, regardless of the contents of the page.

Will My Website Be Affected?

Most website owners will be affected by this new change to Google Chrome. There a few ways you can tell if your site is already secured by an SSL certificate:

  1. Ask your web developer (maybe that’s us)
  2. Connect your website to the Google Search Console and you will be notified of whether your site is secured or not by Google.
  3. Review your website. Open it in Google Chrome and check the top left portion of the address bar. Is there a handsome green padlock icon there? Yes? Then you’re site is secured! If not, give us a call.

What Happens If I Do Nothing?

If your website is not secured by a valid SSL certificate then visitors to your website will be greeted with an ominous Not Secure warning in the address bar of their web browser. This could lead to people leaving your site for one that is secured. Owners of e-Commerce sites could experience a increasing number of declining sales if their site does not appear secure or credible. Websites that rely on donations to continue operating will be similarly affected. One of the worst consequence of your website not being secured by an SSL certificate is that Google will rank your website lower in the Search Engine Results Placement and your website will be harder and harder for people to find organically via Google searches. A shop or blog with a valid SSL certificate will be getting all the traffic that your website could have been getting.

So, if your website is affected by the recent change to Google Chrome version 62+, or even if you’re just not sure, don’t wait! Give Uptown Studios a call and we can assist you in getting your website secured by a valid, up-to-date SSL certificate.

Brent Stromberg
By Brent
Brent is the Web Manager at Uptown Studios. He joined the team in July of 2012 rearing to go and has become a front-end web development guru. His posts usually consist of snarky quips about 'user experience' or regales the reader about the coolest/latest web-nerd trends.