Design For Social Change

On any day, at any given time, if you walk through the doors of Uptown Studios be prepared to be hit with creative energy focused towards social change. Creative conversations are happening all around you, creative thinking and brainstorming, designing and developing. Spend enough time with us and you might find yourself using (or at least understanding) words like negative space, gestalt, kerning, ascender, type treatment… etc.

Managing a group of creative people is one of the most rewarding challenges I have ever experienced. There is certainly an art to it. As project director, I get the privilege of experiencing this every day. Here are my four tips on how to successfully manage a creative team:

  1. There are no bad ideas. Enough said.
  2. Allow the creative process to be what it is. There are no rules. It isn’t supposed to look or feel a certain way. Allow your creative team to do what they need to do to immerse themselves in each subject or project and get their creative juices flowing. Embrace the creativity.
  3. Project management is key. As our Art Director, Cris Weber, always says …If it doesn’t have a deadline, it won’t get done. As important as the creative process is, it is equally important to hold your team to deadlines and budgets. I know the team here at Uptown Studios rely on, and whether they admit it or not, appreciate my constant check ins and reminders to ensure everything is on track to get done on time and on budget.
  4. Recognition. A job well done deserves recognition. It is so important to feel value in what you do and to recognize the efforts, commitment, energy, dedication and uniqueness of your team. Our team here at Uptown Studios works incredibly hard to deliver the highest standards and best quality work. Recognizing my team for the work that they do validates them, encourages them to continue their hard work and most importantly creates a happy, healthy, positive work environment. Plus, who doesn’t love a little shout out!
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