We are always working with website owners to help them learn and understand some of the most important parts of their sites. We get similar questions pretty often and compiled five important things to know about your website into the list below.

  1. When someone uses Google to search for services you provide, it’s pretty critical that you come up on the first page of search results whenever possible. Most users will not make it past the first page, so unless you’re on page one it is hard to get seen.
  2. It’s a good idea to test searching on Google for keywords that apply to your site and see if and where you come up in the results. If you don’t show up until page 10, then you have some work to do. Search Engine Optimization is the work that needs to be done to move your site up in the rankings to get to page one. It is not a quick fix, but will slowly move you towards the top of the list.
  3. Is your site Responsive in design? Responsive design means your site automatically reformats to work well on a mobile device, like a smartphone or iPad. Google announced that any sites that are NOT responsive will be ranked after all sites that are responsive in design – so not being responsive in design will hurt your ranking and your visibility to potential customers. In the next two years, almost 80% of the people using Google will be on a mobile device, so this is important!
  4. Do you have a blog? If not, start one and connect it to your site. A blog is a way to have relevant content on your site that changes weekly or monthly. If you don’t have time to write the blog, it is a great idea to have some of your staff jump in and write it. Blogs don’t have to be long (a minimum of 300 words is the recommendation), but having fresh and relevant content is important to help you get found.
  5. Claim your social media pages! Even if you will not use social media, be sure that you claim it so no one else will get your page first. You should claim Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram at the least. Then when you are ready to use them to expand your visibility, they will be yours. Social media is here to stay – it’s time to start.

If you have questions email tina@uptownstudios.net for an SEO review on your site that will tell you what your issues are.  Uptown Studios is a full service marketing, web and design firm in Sacramento.

Uptown Studios Design Thinkers

The Fun Theory

Uptown Studios Design Thinkers is a weekly addition to our blogs written by Christine Folck, our resident Innovation Director.

I want to share with you The Fun Theory: if you make a task/behavior fun, people are more likely to do it. This theory has been proven again and again, in many different settings. So I challenge you, as you look at the tasks you need completed and/or the behaviors you want changed, ask yourself “how can I make this fun”. Let me know if a little fun changes your success rate.

We will dive deeper into “Play Theory” in future Uptown Studios Design Thinkers.

I hope you enjoy this fun short video!

Christine – Innovation Director

Uptown Studios
By Uptown Studios