There’s no indication that social media is going anywhere any time soon, and 2015 is showing nothing but growth potential for businesses that effectively use social networks as part of their strategies. A key part of making sure your social media strategies are in place far in advance is implementing a social media calendar.

This free white paper from Uptown Studios will walk you through the key steps in creating a social media calendar for your business and help you keep some of the most important ideas in mind while you do!

white paper coverIn this white paper, you will find:

  • Ideas for seasonal topics and planning your content around important company-specific, industry, and nationally important dates
  • Posting strategies for different kinds of content and information
  • Tips for creating themes for your content
  • Planning follow up messaging
  • Some of our favorite social media tools
  • Advice on how regular review and revision of your plan can help drive effectiveness
Uptown Studios
By Uptown Studios