Creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised on a regular basis since amazing ideas rarely just happen. What better opportunity to spark creative thinking and team building than during your next staff meeting?

Several weeks ago, we began to open our staff meetings with a short 5-10 min creativity exercise to get our creative juices flowing, energize us and work collaboratively. The exercises are different each time but always equally fun and engaging. Last week we did an exercise called “What would happen if…” where the team was divided into groups of 2 and each group had a different case scenario to find solutions for. This type of exercise is a fun, quick way to make people think outside the box and practice our brainstorming skills. There is no right or wrong and in this kind of exercise, we go for quantity over quality. The brain usually needs to dump out all the obvious solutions before it can get to something really intriguing.

The solutions are usually absurd and that’s what makes those exercises so much fun. Our team’s answers for “What would happen if every day was a Wednesday?” ranged from more obvious ones, like “There would be no more Monday holidays”, and “Camels would roam around free” to crazier ones, like “People would finally learn how to spell Wednesday”, and “We would meet our billable time goal each week”.

Try incorporating a creativity exercise or two before your next meeting and let us know how it went!

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