Outlining the different services companies can utilize with Google Ads

Intro to Google Ads Manager

Google Ads are an easy way to advertise your business at an affordable rate. There are many benefits of using Google Ads, including selling your products or services, increasing brand awareness, and increasing traffic to your website. The platform also allows you to target users that are already interested in your products and services.

Types of Ads

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Google Ads Manager has several ad types that organizations can utilize. Some of the most common types we use at Uptown Studios are search ads, responsive display ads, and standard display ads.

Our clients will often ask us what the differences between each of these are, so we thought we’d break them down a bit more so it doesn’t feel like rocket science.

Search Ads

Search campaigns are text ads on search results that let you reach people while they’re searching on Google for the products and services you offer. It’s great for driving sales, leads, or traffic to your website, as you can show your ads to people actively searching for your products and services.1

For example, when a user types “Gym Near Me” into Google, the first listings that come up are considered “Sponsored” because the business is paying for ads to target specific people based on the keywords they search. Search ads use keywords to dictate who sees the ads they are paying for and businesses can utilize specific targeting, like demographics, location, and more.

Sponsored ad for In Shape Family Fitness

  • Reach your goals: Search campaigns can help you get more sales, leads, or website traffic.
  • Access highly relevant targeting: Target people actively searching for your specific products and services.
  • Easy setup: Ads are easy to create and don’t require special assets.

Display Ads

An ad for Audible.com

Display campaigns serve visually engaging ads on the Google Display Network. The Display Network helps you reach people as they browse millions of websites, apps, and Google-owned properties (such as YouTube and Gmail).

Display campaigns offer a simple, intelligent solution to managing the complex variables of display advertising, and may be the most effortless way to broaden your customer base and win new conversions. Use a Display campaign to show ads in almost all formats across the Google Display Network, reaching people at all stages in the buying cycle—from people with demonstrated interests to customers just about to buy.

  • Reach people in multiple places: Display campaigns can reach people worldwide across 35 million websites, apps, and Google-owned properties (YouTube and Gmail). This allows you to expand your reach beyond just Google Search.
  • Build campaigns around your goals: Drive sales, leads, and website traffic or build awareness and consideration for your business, product, or service.
  • Designed for ease of use: Display campaigns use AI-powered solutions across targeting, bidding, and formats to reach a new or existing audience. This can help your campaign deliver the best campaign results, friction-free.
    • Optimized targeting: Find the best-performing audience segments that include potential customers with the highest likelihood to help you meet your conversion goals. Learn more about optimized targeting
    • Smart bidding: Bidding that uses AI to optimize for conversions or conversion value in each and every auction. It helps you save time and improve performance. Learn more about Smart bidding
    • A top-performing campaign in minutes: You enter the building blocks for your ads—like headlines, images, and logos—and we’ll find you as many customers as we can within the CPA bid and budget you control.
    • Smarter, not harder: Display campaigns optimize within days. Google AI selects the best combination of assets to give your campaign the best performance. In this way, you can learn which of your headlines, descriptions, images, and logos perform best.

    Google Ad Grants

    Google Ad Grants provides up to $10,000 in free grant money to nonprofit organizations to spend on Google search ads. If a nonprofit qualifies as a 501-C3, it can apply for a Google Ad Grant account so it can advertise its business to people searching for nonprofits. Ad Grants look the same as search ads, so you can’t tell the difference as a user.

    Sponsored ad for YMCA of Superior California

    • Raise awareness for your cause: Reach supporters when they use Google Search. With Ad Grants, your ads can show up when people use keywords relevant to your nonprofit.
    • Drive more website views and activity: Drive online traffic to your website for fundraising, recruiting volunteers, and more.
    • Track your nonprofit marketing efforts: Combine Ad Grants with the power of Google Analytics to measure and understand your organization’s online marketing performance.
    • Reach the people who need your help: Make sure people searching for your services on Google can find your nonprofit.

    Let us Help You Advertise!

    You have an awesome website with tons of great pages, pictures, and content. Now it’s time to get folks over to visit it. Uptown Studios can help you out. Our Digital Ad Managers are certified in Google Ads and ready to help you develop an advertising strategy. Visit our website to get a quote.

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