We are all trying to make more responsible and informed decisions with all of our purchases. Which includes being thoughtful about printed business products. Here are 5 things to consider when going green with your printed products…

  1. Think Paper.

    There are plenty of creative options in color, texture, and finishes. For example, Neenah Environment, and Sustainable earth Sugarcane fiber paper. Both of these options have considered the environmental impacts and created options to help your print soar.

  2. Consider the inks.

    Processing print in today’s large print facilities are far better than using toner based production. In most cases the inks are soy based. Using 1-3 Pantone mixed color options can help you develop a plan for design and production that keeps a sustainable green environment in mind.

  3. Spend time with design.

    When considering green printing always think about your design. If you have an amazing cohesive design it will look sharp and solid on any substrate!

  4. Look at the shapes and sizes.

    Along with a multitude of finishing options including scores, emboss or deboss and folds, like Fold Factory you can create amazing options for sustainably green printed products.

  5. Avoid these things…

    Mylar foils look great but they are not biodegradable or recyclable, UV coatings and metallic inks also have properties that are non recyclable.

For your best options in green printing and design contact us at Uptown Studios and we can sit down over a green beer and talk about the best ways to green-up your print.

Kristen Stauss
By Kristen Stauss