Uptown Studios Ok, I confess… I’m a total Instagram junkie. I am an overly visual person. I express myself through photos. I love moments captured. I love seeing your moments captured. Instagram fulfills that need for me, allowing me to see what people are seeing #rightthissecond.

Interspersed among the friends I follow on Instagram is the occasional blogger whose blog I love, or the stranger in Portland whose feed I stumbled across and now feel like I know her. She seems to live the most creative life, instagramming something amazing about her day on the regular. Also in my list of those I follow are a few retailers. It’s been interesting to witness firsthand how Instagram has evolved to becoming such a resource for retailers.

Personally, I love feeling like I am getting the inside scoop on what’s brand new to a shop, what vintage one-of-a-kind piece is available, and fingers crossed – in my size! All this through following a shop’s feed.

Watching the comments is always so interesting, there are bound to be at least a couple of followers pleading with the owner to hold the piece for them. Asking questions such as Does this come in other colors? What sizes is this? Can you hold this for me… PLEASE! And this dialogue directly results in sales.

Blue Dress With Tank Jacket Black Purse And Scarf Laying On A Marble Ground

Friend and local boutique owner, Lacadia Olsen, has been using Instagram as a way to connect with her clientele, sharing the latest goods available at her midtown shop, Cuffs. I’ve done it; seen Cuffs post an adorable one of a kind piece on Instagram and race over to the shop as fast as possible to claim it, knowing full well I’m working against all those other commenters begging her to hold it for them.

It’s an interactive way to connect with your clientele, and as the client you feel you are getting this special inside information, behind the scenes! It’s a total win-win. And here’s the best part – sales have increased 35% since Cuffs has been Instagramming products! That’s a big deal!

Cuffs is just one example of a social media savvy business using Instagram to connect with clientele, share current products, and in return grow sales.

If you are a client of ours, well then you’ve heard it directly from us. Get on Instagram! We continually encourage our clients to be active on Social Media, including Instagram.

It’s the perfect way to connect with your clientele and fan base in a more intimate and instantaneous fashion. And it’s proven to grow your business. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us here at Uptown Studios, we love to talk Social Media!

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