The Google universe is a vast web of apps, tools, analyzers, secretive tech projects and of course, all things search. If you need something done online, most likely they have a tool to get the job done.

I get to work with tons of Google-based applications and they have replaced many of the old standard programs we all toiled with for so long. Google Drive, Google Docs, AdWords, Analytics, Google+….Ok, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea!

As I navigate these on my Chrome browser (made by Google of course), there are a few things I use to surf the web and get work done like a pro. I’d like to share a few with you. Hopefully, you will find that these tools better your online experience too.

Gestures for Google Chrome
If you want to breeze through websites and applications, this Chrome extension is for you. Easily move forward, back, up and down on web pages with just a flick of the mouse. Re-load pages, close a tab, this isn’t your old-school scrolling, this is Gestures. Amaze your co-workers with how fast you can get around the web.

Google Search Console
If you have a website, you will want it to be correctly indexed so that it will be provided in search results. Google Search Console is your destination tool for seeing how your site is performing in search results. Get alerts, crawl errors, page loading insights and even keywords people are using to get to your site. Create custom result information for your products, articles, testimonials and ratings. Pair the information you get from Search Console with Google Analytics and you have a recipe for having a more competitive website – and even creating more visitors and sales! Check out this video.

AdWords Editor
Using Google AdWords helps land your company’s website in the coveted top spot on a search result page. There are literally hundreds of techniques, best practices and maneuvers you can use within the online AdWords application that help successfully put your website in front of your customers and clients.

To save time and add a little finesse in AdWords, use the AdWords Editor. It’s a free application you can download to discover and remove duplicate keywords, insert a term or keyword across all your keywords in a campaign, discover new opportunities and make bulk edits. It’s pretty easy to use after you get the hang of it. Once you start using it, you may not go back to traditional AdWords editing.

I hope you can use these tools to enhance your daily workflow. If you would like to learn more about the Google universe, like AdWords, Web Analytics or getting your business to appear higher in search results, give us a call. Happy Googling.

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