Whether you’re using LinkedIn as a way to find a new job, connect with decision makers to make a sale, or build your business’ presence, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, can produce some excellent results.

Below are a few easy steps you can take to make your LinkedIn profile POP and some strategies you can use to take advantage of this highly engaging professional network to benefit your business.

Optimize your profile. I’m not just talking about adding a professional photo and your current title to your headline. Think of LinkedIn as your living, breathing online resume. It should be updated with everything (I mean everything) you’ve worked on that features the great work you do. In fact, right after this is published, I am going to add it to my LinkedIn profile.

Publish content on LinkedIn Pulse. LinkedIn allows every professional to highlight their expertise with LinkedIn Pulse. You no longer need to build your own website or set up a blog, you can be your own publisher right on LinkedIn. Comment on the news or share industry tips and tricks.  To access LinkedIn Pulse, go to www.linkedin.com/pulse.

Endorse and recommend to receive endorsements and recommendations. Sometimes the best way to get someone to write a recommendation, or endorse you for a skill is to receive one from you. Our mantra here at Uptown Studios is “I like-a you, you like-a me.” Which means, give someone else a bump, and they’re bound to help out and do the same thing back.

Take advantage of LinkedIn search. Looking to reach company employees at a certain decision making level? LinkedIn’s search feature allows you to search for employees by Job Title or Company. It is a powerful tool that can instantly connect you to decision makers.

Participate in LinkedIn Groups. Social media is social. That means participating in relevant industry topics that position you as a leader in the online community. LinkedIn Groups are relevant and active forums to engage with leaders in a more meaningful way. Some of my favorite Sacramento professional groups include, Sacramento Professional Network and the Sacramento Business Journal.

Mia Lopez
By Mia Lopez