Project Overview

In the summer of 2020, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, University of California, Davis, developed a workbook to help their clients with advanced illnesses ensure their wishes are honored at the end of life. Essential to the care they provide, ACCA needed a branded design for their new workbook that would be easy to manufacture and seamlessly fit into their existing brand.


The ACCA Alliance Advanced Illness Care Program™, a program under the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, uses provider-trusted resources to empower persons needing advanced illness care and their caregivers in five big cornerstones: spiritual, advanced care planning, health (physical and emotional), social, and caregiving. As the first community-led faith-based advanced illness care program nationwide, the Advanced Illness Care Program™ leverages key attributes of a diverse faith-led infrastructure that are critical for improving the care of persons needing advanced illness care and their caregivers, including trust, spiritual guidance, and access to health and other community services.


During discovery, the Uptown Studios Design Team realized that this workbook had morphed from different forms, documents/texts, and information that the client had collected over many years. This in mind, the design team realized that different sections of the workbook needed to be visually different so users could flip to whatever part they needed. By sectioning off information, the workbook morphed into an interactive reference guide and workbook. This influenced the overall design and gave the designers a clear direction moving forward.


The ACCA logo has many bright colors and uses “Futura,” a font family with many sizes, weights, and options. The design team used ACCA’s brand colors to establish a brand system throughout the workbook. The logo itself has a circular feel to it, so the design team used ellipses throughout the book to bring in brand consistency and graphic elements to make the text more exciting. To reduce printing costs, the design team omitted images, instead, they opted for accentuating quotes and infographics throughout the workbook to tie the content with design. Thus, a workbook was created!


  • A three-section, interactive workbook, easy to use by any internal staff