Project Overview

Earlier this year, longtime client California Congresswoman Doris Matsui reached out to the Uptown Studios Video Team to see if we could film two broadcast-quality videos. These videos needed to be 30 seconds each and convey all of Congresswoman Matsui’s 2020 reelection campaign goals. With both scripts already written, the Uptown Studios Video Team needed to scout locations and deliver on the right look and feel to make the campaign come to life.


Congresswoman Doris Matsui has represented the city of Sacramento and its surrounding areas since 2005. As a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, she serves on the Health, Environment and Climate Change, and Consumer Protection and Commerce subcommittees and is the Vice-Chair on the Communications and Technology subcommittee. Uptown Studios has worked with Congresswoman Matsui on many projects over the years, so we were very excited to aid in any 2020 reelection goals.


Armed with the scripts, the Uptown Studios Video Team had a short, but not necessarily easy, “to-do” list. First, they needed to identify the precise look and feel of each video. After a little research, they decided on a very approachable, “real” tone. Oftentimes, political advertisements can come off very stiff or out of touch. Congresswoman Matsui has a long political history; she is certainly not stiff or out of touch with Californians. A look and feel identified, the team then had to do quite a bit of location scouting. They thought shooting along the Sacramento River waterfront would work, but it quickly became difficult to find an area that was both quiet enough for filming and still obviously along the waterfront. Once the ideal location was found, a filming date was set and additional crew hired!

Time of day was hard to shoot, bounce sunlight around. Full crew, grip, sound, and producer. Had to research B-roll visuals about children taking away from their families. Very approachable, very real. Friendly. Often these are very high and mighty, very stiff. Wanted Doris to be very relatable to the viewer.


With a full crew, grip, sound, and producer in toe, the Uptown Studios Video Team began filming. This day-long shoot went off without a hitch! Additional b-roll, an intro/outro, and lower thirds were added during post production as well as Congresswoman Matsui’s new campaign logo (designed by yours truly!) The final commercials aired on Pandora, local channels, KCRA, and more.


  • Two, 30-second broadcast quality campaign commercials
  • An approachable, “real” look and feel
  • The unveiling of Congresswoman Matsui’s new campaign logo