Conference Promotion Management and Event Collateral

When looking to create a successful event, you want to take a well-rounded approach. Hosting an annual conference or big event is more than just planning the actual event itself, it’s ensuring that all of your other supporting marketing and web elements are aligned to get as many attendees to your awesome event! We are experts at supporting your big event in an easy, fun, and popular way.

Grow Your Event, Easily

As you plan your event, let us handle its promotion from top to bottom. Here at Uptown Studios, we can:

  • Create and manage your event’s website landing page
  • Establish a cohesive event look and feel which compliments your existing branding
  • Film, edit, and produce any necessary conference promotional video
  • Manage your social media channels, social media ads, and event e-blasts to create a strong buzz within your target audience
  • Design and coordinate all marketing and event collateral materials

Ready to grow that attendees list? Holler at us!