Designing for ADA Compliant Websites

At Uptown Studios, we create Designs for Social Change. Part of designing for social change is ensuring our designs are accessible for all people! To do this, we design, develop, and maintain ADA compliant websites. That means checking web elements like page layout, subtitles, user controls, text and color usage, and more!

If you would like to learn more about ADA compliant color usage, read building an accessible digital color palette, written by our ADA compliant designers.

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What is ADA Compliance?

ADA compliance means providing the same web experience for all viewers. A person’s physical or cognitive ability should not keep them from enjoying your website!

ADA Compliance comes from The American Disabilities Act, which became federal law in 1990. This law applies to all state and local governments, businesses, non-profit organizations, and labor unions. Using Section 508 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, we can help you comply with the ADA. Section 508 is for businesses and organizations that receive federal funding. While we specialize in ADA compliance for California-based business, each state has its own guidelines.

How to Make A Website ADA Compliant and Why You Need It

By July 1, 2019, all state entity public websites must be ADA compliant. It is currently only legally required for state entities. However, ensuring ADA compliance is socially responsible for any business! Taking the time to make your website ADA compliant means that you are not unintentionally discriminating against any impaired persons in any way. This also gives your business an opportunity to establish themselves as inclusive and community-minded.

Using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), we ensure compliance in:

  • Page layout, CSS, and responsive design
  • Videos with audio, captions, and stop/pause/mute/volume mechanisms
  • Non-text content, Alt-tags, and user controls
  • Text usage and labeled elements
  • Color usage, body text and display link ratios, and letter spacing
  • Third-Party Vendor plug-ins

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