A business survey is an effective tool that is used to collect important data about your business. It consists of a set of thoughtful questions that will help you gather relevant information about your industry, customer preferences, your organization’s competition and other relevant business functions.

Why Use Surveys?

Surveys offer an efficient way to collect honest feedback, opinions and responses from your clients, your community, or even your employees. This information can help you improve different aspects of your business.

In addition, surveys are a helpful way for businesses to learn more about what their customers know about their organization. For example, you can ask your customers what they know about the products and services your brand offers. Asking them to complete a survey will allow you to find out where your organization is lacking in terms of marketing and communication.

Tips For High Quality Surveys:

Set your objectives before creating the survey

Having a clearly defined goal before writing the survey will help you tailor your questions to ensure you are getting the relevant information that you are looking for in the survey.

Provide a description of why you are doing this survey

Make it clear why you are asking them to fill out this survey at the top so they know what the purpose is before they begin answering questions.

Keep it short and sweet.

Get to the point. No one wants to fill out a survey that takes 30 minutes and is 50 questions long. Try to keep it under 5 minutes long and offer multiple choice or check box questions when possible so it is easier for the user to fill it out.

Offer incentives if possible

If you really want a large number of respondents, try offering incentives to people who fill out the survey. If funding is tight, try saying “fill out our survey for a chance to win a $50 gift card”. Having a statement link this will show them that they have a chance to win, and it isn’t guaranteed.

If possible, keep your responses anonymous

If you don’t need their personal information, keep the survey anonymous. This will make the respondents more likely to be honest and give you the real information you are looking for.

At Uptown Studios, we have helped our clients develop strategic business surveys in order to learn more about their current customers, potential customers, or their communities in general. We have developed surveys for clients for focus group purposes, to help them learn if customers like their company name, and so much more!

When creating surveys, Uptown Studios will help you define your objectives for this survey, develop the copy and design work for the survey, and help you send out the survey to prospective participants.

If you need more information on the creation and implementation of surveys for your business, visit our website for a quote or email tina@uptownstudios.net for more information. We want to help you reach your organization’s goals by implementing more business surveys!

Kate Moore
By Kate Moore
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