As you’ve been reading through our May posts about social media, we’ve come across the term overwhelming. As just recently starting some social media maintenance here at Uptown Studios, I can relate to that feeling of being overwhelmed by social media. While it can be hectic at first, some simple tools have been developed allowing you to schedule posts and tweets hours, days, weeks, months and even years out. Not only can these tools make social media less overwhelming, they also help to make social media how we like it here at Uptown Studios – easy, fun and popular!

Two great social media management platforms out there are Sprout Social and its free, less in-depth competition site, Hoot Suite . Both of these social media management platforms have the tools necessary to keep your social media needs easy and fun. One helpful feature of these tools is the ability to track engagement and interactions on your social media sites. Another great tool these platforms have is the ability to schedule posts in advance. You can easily use the publishing tool to write your Facebook posts or tweets, attach pictures, videos and links, and then pick a date and time, down to the minute, of when you want your posts or tweets to appear for the social media world to see!

If you are still just working on easing your way into the social media world and aren’t ready for any outside tools, Facebook has an easy to use feature that also allows you to schedule posts. When posting, look in the left corner of the posting box, click on the little clock icon and schedule away!

Now that we’ve overcome that overwhelming feeling of taking on social media, start exploring these new tools and get to scheduling!


tina reynoldsTina’s Two Bits

We had THREE new sites launch this week –  The Highlands Consulting Group, Safety Center and Carmichael Recreation and Park District. These sites were awesome projects that turned out great! See below for the some pictures of the completed sites!

The Highlands Consulting Group Screenshot Of Their Website's Homepage With Project Management And Bronze Background


Safety Center Incorporated Screenshot Of Their Website's Homepage With A Teenager Driving A Car Showing Teen Safety With Green Background


Carmichael Recreation And District Screenshot Of Website's Homepage With People Looking At Classic Cars With Green Grass In Background

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By Uptown Studios