A nice rainy day to take a moment and reflect.

1. Generosity
I have discovered that the most precious gift anyone can give is their time. I have a personal intention that I can find 15 minutes to spend being generous for most things. If someone has broken down in their car – I can usually pull over and push. If a client or friend drops in – I can stop my busy work and have a real conversation for 15 minutes. If a friend or coworker has some tragedy – I can stop and send a note. Be generous with your time.

2. Be Present
When people come in to meet with me – I stop – look them in the eyes and become present in the moment with them. I know that if they have come into my space there is something that is holding up their process and if I don’t give them my full attention work may halt. And what a great moment for me to make another connection with my coworker.

3. Great things take way more time
Way more time that you ever will guess. If it is big, grand and life-changing – plan on a long time. An example is our new building – I full well expected that the purchase and completion of the work would take 4-6 months – it took TWO years and four months to complete. But those great things are worth the wait, the work and the process. I wanted to skip all the time in between and jump to completion, but the process allowed me to change my mind and things got better with every change.

4. It’s ok to change your mind
The process of decision making is quite a path – give yourself a break if you want to change your mind and your direction. Think a think – Plan a plan – then Do a Do – but be flexible enough to let new and better ideas in along the way – things get better when you do.

5. Invite people with positive intention into your space
I have a rule that I made when I turned 50 – “no Assholes”. By having this rule, it helps me to do some deep thought on who I want to invite in to my space. If someone comes in and they are a total time suck, draining your energy and not filling your space – it may be time to distance yourself from that person. People that fill you and that you can refill them with positive energy and intention – will change your space. Welcome them in.

6. Be an active participant
Get involved in your community – find those things that you have some passion about and join the action. First – you will meet like minded people that are “pre-vetted” for having ideals that are similar to yours. This helps to connect with people at a deeper level much quicker. Tell people what you will do then do it. Show up – get involved – join the party.

7. Set high standards
Don’t settle – take a stand for what you believe in. Be a role model for others with the standards that you have set. Once you have set your standards and become comfortable with them – life is just so much easier because you don’t have to fret about things so much.

I wrote a two-page bible for my kids when they were little and ended up living by these simple standards: Page One “Act with love and kindness in all situations” Page Two “If it feels sneaky – don’t do it!” Easy check in with myself – was it kind, does it feel sneaky – should I talk to someone about it – the answer is on page one or page two.

Tina Reynolds
By Tina Reynolds
Tina Reynolds is president of Uptown Studios, Inc. and has been running her own design firm since 1976. She is the community face of Uptown Studios and her blog entries are directed to business owners ready to make their materials, Easy, Fun and Popular.