There is no magic formula when it comes to social media; in fact, in this new frontier of marketing much of it started out as trial and error. While it can be impossible to know for sure exactly what will be the next BIG post to get thousands of followers, likes, and shares—it is easier to forecast when you have an accurate picture of who is following your social media and what they are looking for.

1. Make a list of all your social media channels

If your company is not using Instagram, for instance, but your name is in use by someone else it could confuse your followers and potentially damage brand image.

2. Keep track of how many followers you have on each site

While you do this, also ask yourself these questions: How many followers do you want to have next month? Next year? How many followers did you have last month? Last year? Did you gain or lose followers? Why? Use the answers to these questions to inform your overall social media strategy.

3. Look at the demographics

Who is following you on social media? Did it surprise you? If it did, why? Sometimes, your most insightful information can be found within your demographics. Your messaging might be reaching a totally different audience than you intended. To dive a little deeper, ask yourself the following questions: Is your product/ service catering to this audience? What adjustments can you make to convert followers into sales? Create a picture of your average customer and design posts for that person.

4. Consistency counts

Do you post on a regular basis or once in a blue moon? Create a standard for your posts; watermark pictures with your logo, use similar wording, or type of posts.

5. Look at your competitors

Your product or service is unique and your social media should be too.

6. Schedule time to regularly review the data

Now that you have collected this information, monitor it for changes. Forecasting only works if you continue to collect data and implement it.

7. Make changes

Once you have the data collected you can implement some changes but brace yourself that you may not see results immediately. Wait 1-3 months, continue collecting data, and do not be afraid to pivot again.

Now that you have the tools to conduct a social media audit, you can gain some important insight into your positioning. If you get stuck, consider bringing in a fresh perspective. Sometimes you are too close to see where the opportunity lies. A friend or someone familiar with your business can be a great resource. Or you can call in the professionals at Uptown Studios and leverage our experience to help you evaluate and grow your business.

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