Illustrations are a great way to create images that are fun, playful and add an element of approachability to a site. Artists and designers can create illustrations that are full of personality and custom-made to match a brand’s tone and make it stand out in the crowd.

Illustration styles are so versatile that they can match any kind of a business venture or cause. Ranging from vintage to very clean and modern, any kind of brand could use them as a way to add a sense of approachability and excitement to their site.


Retro style illustrations can add fun to any site. Source:

Modern, flat illustration style is widely used among startups. Source:

As browser technology evolves, more websites are moving from static images to exploring new ways, such as animation, to engage users in their site’s content.

Smaller animations are mostly used to engage users throughout their entire experience on the page. For example, users can interact with animated graphics while waiting for the page to load or be shown some eye-catching hover options. Animated illustration can also be incorporated with scrolling, navigation, animated infographics or used as the focal point of the entire site. A good example of that solution is a website we’ve created for Corner Drug, a family-owned pharmacy in Woodland which you can visit here.

Corner Drug, Co.’s website has a distinctive, retro style to it which matches their logo and medication labels. 

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