A lot of things can happen in 30 days. You could meet your soulmate, date, get engaged, marry and divorce (sorry Britney Spears). You could attempt a 30 day vlogging challenge and fail before it even begins. You could even attempt a ridiculous challenge (personally, I should really do #67) and surprise yourself with the results. If you really think about it, each month is a 30-day challenge. 

The past 30 days of my life have been pretty spectacular, but I think I’m getting ahead of myself a little. 30 days ago I began working as an intern. I worked hard and time moves fast. This past month, I was given the amazing opportunity of a permanent position here at Uptown. This would have been wonderful regardless, but it is particularly wonderful for me because it is my first Real Adult Job™ where they pay me above minimum wage (dolla dolla bills, y’all). Working here has definitely been a 30 days of learning! So, for posterity and a little fun, I thought I would give you the 30 tips/things I have learned in my first 30 days at Uptown!

1. Only eat the food you bring each day, otherwise you will be perpetually eating ALL DAY.

2. Don’t check emails one last time before you leave.

3. Headphones are essential.

4. Marketing is hard.

5. The phones are always ringing.

6. I may never actually stand at my standing desk.

7. Too much coffee = way too jittery to actually focus.

8. Always list the full date in promotional posts. That sounds obvious, but it’s really easy to get stuck saying things like “this Spring,” instead of “on April 1, 2018…”

9. Social Media success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes consistency and time!

10. Any post can be instantly improved by ensuring you are using the best picture quality possible.

11. Re-read anything for clients twice, then re-read it again.

12. Colored pens for writing during meetings make taking notes during meetings feel like a really fun art project. Everything becomes color coordinated!

13. Use the rule of thirds when creating content to advertise your business: ⅓ about your business, ⅓ about your industry, and ⅓ just for fun.

14. Your best resource for creative thinking is your co-workers, any idea is instantly amplified by another brain to bounce off of!

15. When you’re stuck about what to post, take inspiration from the social media channels of your industry competitors. There is a big difference between stealing ideas and taking inspiration from them!

16. Keeping your workspace as clean and clutter free as possible will help your headspace feel as clean and clutter free as possible.

17. Everyone has an ability to create designs, though sometimes it is best to leave the designing to the designers! 

18. Disney music is a fantastic source of inspiration when you’re trying to make something feel light and fresh. May I recommend, “Just Around the Riverbend” by the amazing Judy Kuhn.

19. For pretty much any problem, the answer can be found on the internet. Check there first before asking anyone else.

20. Be curious, the only way to create engaging content is so remain curious about the subject matter itself. Ask questions! Make connections! Go hunting! You might just answer a question people didn’t know they had.

21. Write all passwords on THE SAME sticky note/paper. You will always lose the one you need if you don’t consolidate them in the first place.

22. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

23. Remember your audience! What is funny to you might not be as funny to those looking for information about new innovations in residential fertilizer for 2018.

24. Engaging with an audience is a round the clock job, do not underestimate how much time you need to invest to cultivate a proper audience.

25. Always bring a cardigan to work, you will be perpetually taking it on and off all day.

26. Do. Not. Delete. Anything. You will eventually need it!

27. Focus on one task at a time, until you’ve done as much as you can for it that day.

28. Always ask questions.

29. Making lists with 30 items on it is hard.

30. Working for Uptown Studios is amazing. I love my job!!

That’s all for now folks! I’m sure as the months go by I will be writing many more posts. What do you think? Jealous of my amazing new job? You should be.

Lizzie Carroll
By Lizzie Carroll