10 reasons why you should prioritize marketing for your business

The first ideas of Marketing were implemented during the Industrial Revolution. This was a time of rapid social change that was driven by scientific and technological innovations. Since then, it has developed into a competitive factor in which businesses take risks to promote their brand.

Marketing is important because it allows you to share your products and services with a niche audience in a strategic way. You can also prove why your products and services are worth people’s time and money.

Why You Should Prioritize Marketing
You might be thinking: “Why should I prioritize marketing for my business over other business sectors?” Here’s why:

  1. Shows what you have to offer
    Marketing lets you clearly define the products and services your organization offers, so your customers don’t get confused.
  2. Helps you grow your business
    Good marketing naturally leads to increased engagement. More engagement means opportunities to increase overall revenue.
  3. Allows you to reach a specific audience
    You can directly target specific audiences through various channels. Place billboard ads or radio ads in areas your audience lives, commutes, or congregates. Place digital ads on platforms your target audience uses most. Use messaging and graphics that appeal to your audience.
  4. Builds trust
    People will recognize your logo and begin to trust you as a source. This will in turn increase your brand loyalty.
  5. Strengthens brand awareness
    The more you market your brand, the more people will know about your brand. Marketing exposes new people to your brand everytime they see one of your billboards or digital ads.
  6. Helps you accomplish your business goals
    You can utilize different marketing tactics to reach specific goals your organization has set. Maybe your company is hosting an event and needs to have a set number of people attend. Marketing your business will help meet that goal by driving traffic to your website and social media.
  7. Enables you to learn more about your audience
    Connect with your audience and followers by paying attention to their interests and target them based on their likes and dislikes. Maybe one of your social media posts does better than another, marketing keeps you updated on trends that will generate interest.
  8. Starts a conversation with your audience
    Marketing bridges the gap between you and the community. Communicating your business’ mission, strengths, and history.
  9. Cost effective
    Depending on the marketing tactic that you decide to utilize, you can reach a large audience without spending too much. For example, social media allows you to get the results you are looking for without having to spend an arm and a leg.
  10. Shows differentiation from your competition
    Set yourself apart, be unique and creative with your marketing. Think outside of the box, aim to create something that has not been thought of before.

How Do I Know Where To Start Marketing My Business?

Sometimes, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. That’s okay, Uptown Studios is here to help!At Uptown Studios, we always start with a marketing plan. Our plan includes a breakdown of the organization’s target audience and competition, a list of their goals and objectives, and an outline of the marketing tactics we will use and how we plan to implement them.

In order to develop the marketing plan, we recommend starting with creating S.M.A.R.T goals. Once you get your goals written down, it makes it easier for you to know what to focus your marketing plan around.

S.M.A.R.T goals allow your team to define the variables related to your company’s goals. This helps make it easier for you to achieve them.

  • Specific – Make sure your goals are well-defined. Be clear and specific so your goals are easier to achieve. This helps you know how and where to get started.
  • Measurable – Measurable goals can be tracked allowing you to see your progress. They also tell you when a goal has been reached.
  • Achievable – Create goals that are attainable and achievable by ensuring your business obtains the skills and resources needed to reach your goal.
  • Relevant – Align your business goals with the overall objectives of your business and the realities of the market.
  • Time-bound – Provide a deadline in which you wish to accomplish your goal. This helps create a timeline later on so you can clearly schedule your marketing tactics accordingly.

Now that you have a better understanding of what goes into marketing and why it’s important, you’re ready to go implement these thoughts into actions. Take this year to prioritize your marketing so you can elevate your brand in a way to reach more customers and increase profit.

If you need more help or want to chat about how Uptown Studios can help you elevate your marketing efforts, visit our website to learn more!

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