sff-logo-2xWithin two years of emancipation from the foster care system more than 50% of these youth will be incarcerated, homeless, victimized or dead.

This devastating statistic is something that Sierra Forever Families is helping to change.

Sierra Forever Families is a local nonprofit agency that helps find permanent families for children who are living in foster care.

“We get kids out of foster care and help them create their own family, which can look different for everyone,” Christie Shorrock, Fund Development Director, said. “We want to make sure no child emancipates from the foster system without a forever family.”

Beyond helping children find permanent families, Sierra Forever Families offers a variety of services including trainings, classes and orientations for families looking to adopt or who have adopted and would like further support. They also have a Wonder Mentoring Program where kids living in foster care are matched with adult mentors for a year full of fun and memorable experiences.

Uptown Studios has had the privilege of working with Sierra Forever Families, designing a new website, rebranding and managing their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and designing other marketing materials for use.

“We attended a social media training by Leidhra and Tina and then everything catapulted into a full-on partnership,” Shorrock said. “We are very impressed by the creativity and are excited to continue this relationship!”

Uptown Studios has enjoyed building a relationship with Sierra Forever Families and we are excited for the projects to come.

“Sierra Forever Families is an amazing organization doing great work everyday,” Sarah Barkawi, project director, said. “We are looking forward to the projects to come and for our working relationship to grow!”

Sierra Forever Families has helped place over 3,000 children into forever families and continues to help make a difference in children’s lives each day.

“By helping foster children get connected to forever families, we are also helping to make an impact on some of societies biggest problems,” Shorrock said.

Give now to help create new families or check out the Big Day of Giving on May 6, in which Sierra Forever Families will be participating in, providing a great opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life!

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