Tina Reynolds, Chief Juggler / President

Every new year brings me in with enthusiasm and possibilities – Uptown Studios is going to create some incredible social change with some of the campaigns and people we get to work with – count on us to be the innovation change makers in Sacramento!

Kate Moore, Chief Amazement Officer / Multimedia Director

I am looking forward to expanding the video production staff and services we provide to our clients this year. We will be learning more about how to integrate artificial intelligence into our workflow and I plan on expanding my skills with Adobe Character Animator.

Mark Hebert, Font Foodie / Graphic Designer

I am looking forward to working more closely with our web development team, designing engaging digital experiences for our clients. Particularly with, Adobe’s newest app, Adobe XD along with other techniques to build-in time for more prototyping and testing. Anything that helps our clients and their users have seamless, beautiful and easy interactions with the sites we design and build.

Luke Pedersen, Digital Word Wrangler / Content Manager

Awesome news for Google AdWords Ad Grants recipients! Nonprofits not only get $10,000 a month in free marketing from Google, but with some small adjustments, you can now get the $2 per keyword bidding cap lifted! This is huge for our nonprofit clients struggling to compete on Google because their main keywords were too expensive to trigger their ads.

Zuza Hicks, Brand Muffin / Graphic Designer

I’m looking forward to working on some more packaging assignments, like the awesome project we did for our friends at Campfire Treats. We had a blast working together to come up with a clean yet fun and sophisticated aesthetic that would draw attention to their products on the store shelves. Packaging is a creative art that involves all of my favorites – art direction, identity design, graphic design, and illustration, all of which make me excited to begin our next venture.

Kristen Stauss, Office Alchemist / Print Manager

I am looking forward to hosting and coordinating more events with Uptown Studios. More of our own hosted networking get togethers all the way up to The Big Celebration you needed to put on for your non-profit. In addition to our community support and outreach I look forward to helping our design team think outside of the box on items designed for print and growing my skills in facilitating Human Centered Design projects.

Mia Lopez, Digital Adventurer / Marketing Manager

With the recent announcements from Facebook about changes to the newsfeed, I’m looking forward to seeing how that will push brands to think outside of the box when it comes to content creation and engagement. While there seems to be some fear about Facebook’s announcement, I see it as an opportunity for how we engage audiences. That and AI, there’s going to be some cool new technology more widely available to businesses and organizations!



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