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Green Marketing: the Win-Win-Win In today’s world, the printed invite has been replaced by the easy, convenient, cost effective and green electronic invite. Fax machines are a thing of the past with emails and interactive PDFs allowing for the majority of things to be done easily from your desktop computer (err, I mean smartphone or tablet).

Last Saturday at the farmer’s market, I even purchased all my produce with with my ATM card, as all the farmer’s were hip to the little white square on their smartphones, making transactions easier than we have every witnessed. Everybody is getting greener and it’s a huge benefit all the way around. As a communication firm who advises our clients daily on how to best market themselves, it would be irresponsible for us to not recommend to all our clients that they focus their marketing budget on Social Marketing. Some are more reluctant than others, it’s natural to shy away from the things we aren’t familiar with. But marketing yourself on Social Media is far more cost effective than relying on print material alone, it allows you to reach an audience that far exceeds any audience reachable through print only, and most importantly it is good for the earth.As an eco-conscience consumer, I greatly appreciate all businesses who make it a point to be greener and that’s where I want to spend my money.

So the win-win-win? Good for the budget, good for the brand and good for the planet.  It’s that easy! Give us a call – we love to geek out talking about all the amazing opportunities that exist through Social Media and would love to help you green your business!


Cris Weber

What is FSC and why is it important?

By Cris Weber, Art Director


FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an independent, non-governmental, not for profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.

Products carrying the FSC label are independently certified to assure consumers that they come from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

Uptown Studios specifies FSC paper for all of your print projects. Together, we help ensure a Greener world!

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