Sacramento is becoming greener, healthier, smarter, cleaner, stronger, brighter and wiser, you can help by being green in your backyard.

How is Sacramento doing this, and how can you be more green? Greenwise Joint Venture.

Greenwise Joint Venture started as an initiative in 2010 to establish economic development as it relates to a green economy, Greenwise now has a plethora of projects to help make the Greater Sacramento region greener and cleaner.

Food is one of their areas of expertise.

This year we would love to see Sacramento purchase 20% of food from local farmers…We talk to purchasers about how to buy food locally for hospitals, schools, prisons and more!

– Liz Salmi, Community Engagement Manager

Greenwise implemented a Farm to Fork to School program called Edible Sac High at Sacramento Charter High School. This is one of their food education programs helping to reach that 20% goal.

Now the cafeteria at the Sacramento Charter High School cooks fresh food, from scratch, a direct result of Greenwise!

Another project from their Foodwise Portfolio, is Farm to Fork to Fuel. This is their zero waste program, looking to target a section of Sacramento to create a Zero Waste Zone.

We aren’t just separating stuff with this program, we are turning waste back into energy.

All of this is just from their Foodwise portfolio! Greenwise Joint Venture has other innovative and engaging projects including:

  • Sacramento’s Better Buildings Challenge, getting building owners and managers to pledge to save 20% of their energy and water by 2020.
  •  Property Assessed Clean Energy, “financing energy efficiency upgrades, water conservation measures, or renewable energy installations for buildings.

Uptown Studios helps Greenwise with their clean and efficient brand. The Uptown Studios team has created Greenwise’s website, logo, various design projects including brochures and picture cutouts for events, as well as engaging in Edible Sac High.

I trust Uptown Studios to create amazing things for us, tweaking anything I need done…it’s like I have a whole design studio in my back pocket supporting me and ready to jump in at anytime!

If you are interested in joining Greenwise in creating a greener and cleaner Sacramento, check out their calendar and events to see how you can participate!

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By Uptown Studios