We often hear about the fear factors holding people back from building active social media presences, which is why it is important to create a social media policy.

What if people say bad things?

What if my employees post inappropriate messages from the organization’s page?

These are just a couple questions we hear all the time. And they are valid concerns. With that being said, however, we want to remind you of a couple things.

  1. If bad things are being said about your organization, they are being said whether you’re on social media or not – you’re simply not part of the conversation.
  2. >Your employees should know what is appropriate and what is not. With a simple policy, you can establish guidelines for all employees to follow.

Though not very sexy, a social media policy is a good thing to have in place.

Social media policies are important, especially when you have multiple people responsible for managing your brand’s voice.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Encourage the responsible use of social media by employees
  • Help make your organization more accountable and transparent
  • Establish a set of guidelines to allow for the safe use of social media
  • Ensure the organization stays compliant with the overall communications policy
  • Provide quick access to situations that may require “risk management

We hope social media policy template pdf helps you with your own social media policy. Please feel free to customize as needed.

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Tina Reynolds, President, Uptown Studios

Tina’s Two Bits

During this past week we did some great trainings. One for our friends at Habitat for Humanity, getting a group of about 30 people up to speed on Social Media tips and tricks. Then another Social Media training for a fabulous group of dental professionals for Sacramento District Dental Society – helping raise the bar on marketing and social media.

Friday was Sarah Barkawi’s last work day before leaving on maternity leave. Send her well wishes  – she will be back after her leave ready to jump in and have some adult time in three to four months. We all send so much love her way and the joy of becoming a new Mom. Happy Mother’s Day Sarah!

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