For many nonprofits, paying for full scale advertising campaigns to gain greater exposure and help program success is just not manageable with the large costs typically associated. Many nonprofits don’t realize that there are $10,000 in free monthly advertising just sitting out there waiting for you to use it!

The Google Grants program was started in 2003 to help 501(c)3 nonprofits take advantage of the powerful search advertising tools offered by Google. More than ten years later, there are still few nonprofits that know this free money is available.

The power of advertising on a search engine is that your ads are highly targeted to those sitting in front of the screen. If a business sells pizza and they want to advertise online, they can target their ads to those people in a certain area searching for their product. That kind of advertising power can be found in few places outside of the search engine marketing (SEM) arena. Traditional advertising places an ad in front of a wide range of consumers that may or may not be interested, but a search engine ad provides an ad targeted to the user and that is immediately actionable, making it far more likely they will actually visit your site.

Nonprofits can use Google’s Grants program to run AdWords campaigns and accomplish a wide range of goals, including:

  • Donations
  • Site downloads
  • Traffic to educational pages
  • Advertising jobs and volunteer opportunities
  • Increasing exposure/ticket sales for fundraising events

One of the best parts of using this program is the ability to track success of ads in very explicit terms. Are you interested in seeing what ads led to a donation? Which keywords have been most effective in pushing readers to your event page, or even further to a ticket sale? Goals set up within AdWords can accomplish all of this tracking, and allow you to showcase your campaign success.

The $10,000 of SEM advertising offered by the Google Grants for Nonprofits program gets overlooked by so many nonprofits, but can be a huge asset to your organization in accomplishing its goals and increasing visibility. Be sure you aren’t leaving that free money on the table!

With a Google certified AdWords manager, Uptown Studios is here to set up and manage Google Grants’ AdWords accounts for nonprofit organizations!

Interested in Google Grants’ AdWords for your nonprofit? Email or call us at 916.446.1082.

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